Farm Update

Lot’s of stuff has happened at the farm since the last post.

Let’s start with the gardening department. I’ve planted a variety of fall greens and most of them are all up to 2 or 3 inches, some are much bigger. The boy and I planted a few rows of white and yellow onions for the winter. The cabbage and broccoli are looking good. The second pumpkin crop is starting to turn orange. The fall tomatoes are starting to turn red. We are still have eggplants and peppers that are producing nicely. We’ve picked our first lemons and oranges from the trees, and they are really good. We have several more fruit trees that need to be put in the ground.

On the animal side of things, we’ve added a pot-bellied pig for the boy, as a pet (but you never know). And we have a farm dog now. I’ve been butchering the roosters and have about 2 more to go before we are down to the ones we are keeping. The chickens are doing good giving us 6 or 7 eggs a day.

Deer season starts this weekend so I’m sharping knives and getting ready.

Oh and I finally bought a tractor. Nothing fancy a very nice used Ford 2000. Its a small 38hp tractor that is perfect for what I need to do. It also came with several plows and things that should make farming the spring even easier. Now I can start expanding the amount of ground that I’ve been farming.

I’ve got a lot of fall/winter projects that need to be done and several that I would just like to do. That’s all for now.

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