Small Farm Update

A few things to add for the last couple of days. I pulled my Big Daddy’s (thats what we called my grandfather) old disk out of the woods. I suspect that when it was parked there, 15 or more years ago, it wasn’t woods. Once I got it out and hooked to the tractor it worked perfectly, it didn’t even need any grease which was hard to believe. Anyway I started breaking up ground for the garden addition for next year. It may be a little early for spring garden prep but I figured if I start now I should get it into really good shape by the spring.

I also continued with the on going brush cleanup. I’ve managed to get all the under brush out of the second holding pen and off its fences. Now that all the brush is gone I can tell that in bad shape almost all the posts and boards are rotten. So I’ll plan on removing all the cattle panels and tearing the whole thing down this winter. I suspect that I will rebuild it also at some point.

We carved a pumpkin from the garden yesterday. This is our first homegrown Jack O Lantern and that makes me happy in so many ways.

Deer season starts Saturday, so I expect chores to be down to the basics for a couple of weeks at least :). I do have to build a dog house for sure. My wife has a very specific style that she wants and I’ll probably pick up the material on Friday and try to work on it some over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Small Farm Update”

  1. Clearing that brush must have been one hell of a job. That’s going to be a real good pen when you get it rebuilt.

    Congrats on the Cooper brand Jack-O-Lantern. That’s pretty damn cool. Home grown, brother… home grown.


  2. I too loved the homegrown jack-o-lantern. It was cool to cut the pumpkin out of the garden and then carve it up right away. So….there’s gonna be a dog house when we get home? :o) That is unless you shoot a deer, of course.


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