Weekend Update

Well deer & duck seasons are open here. I spent a lot of time over the weekend deer hunting. I had a chance to take a decent 8 point and some does, but I’m holding out for a really nice buck thats been coming in. Of course since we only get 2 weeks to shoot a doe next weekend/week might be a different story.

I did manage to get a little farm work done between hunting trips. I got the new plot disked up really good. I also hooked up the tine cultivator and plow that I got with the tractor. The cultivator has a broken tine that needs to be replace and the plow is a little bent up and needs some work.

I did a little more brush cutting and cut down several big china berry trees that were growing along the side of the old barn. This is the part that I haven’t worked on yet but plan on tearing part of it down and fixing up what is left this winter.

The garden is looking good despite the fact that we haven’t gotten any rain in a while. We should start harvesting greens soon, some can be harvested now.

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