Farm Update

Well most farm work has been paused due to the opening of deer season. About the only thing that I’ve really gotten done is sow some Apache Clover in the part of the garden we aren’t currently using.

As for the deer hunting, well I managed to get that 9 Point I was hunting. My dad also got a nice big spike buck. They both weighted about 160lbs each. We cleaned one in the morning and one in the evening. They are both on ice now and I’ll start processing the meat tonight. This year I’m going to attempt to brain tan both of these hides. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never really had the time. Both the hides are soaking in water now and I should get started with wet scraping in the next few days, glad the weather is cool out. I’ve also got to finish processing the skulls. I’ve always just left them out in the weather and let nature take its course. This year I’ve got them already to boiled so they should be done sooner and hopefully less stinky than in years past.

Camille estimates that out of the 4 deer we put up last year we ate at least 3 of them and shared some of the meat. So I’m hoping that we can put up at least 1 more this year. Which will be another year of no bought beef (sorry Camille).

3 thoughts on “Farm Update”

  1. Its okay. I kind of like that my man can take care of my grocery needs like that. Besides, the meat we processed tonight was really good. I think we might get some good “hamburgers” out of it.


  2. That was a gorgeous buck you got. Ours are just shedding their velvet now. I got one with my .54 muzzle loader last week and General firearms opens tomorrow morning – you know I will be sitting in a tree when dawn breaks. Fortunately our season is much longer – I can hunt right through January – and we can take does any time (bucks are only open until the beginning of January).


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