Farm Update

Things sure have slowed down here on the farm. I worked up the garden rows this week, not that they really needed it. We haven’t had rain in ages so the rows were pretty clean. We got our first frost last night, and it was a killing frost. So now we have buckets full of green tomatoes in the house to try to ripen. All the peppers and egg plants have been picked and Camille brought in a few basil plants for winter supply. I knew it was coming our average first frost date is the 15th so it was just about right on time.

Now there is the final part of the summer (some spring) clean up to deal with next week. The fall crops are doing good and Camille has been cooking up some of the greens, and boy are they good.

Deer hunting has been off the last week not much moving at all. I’ve got through Sunday to take a doe. We will see how that goes, it’s about time to do some duck hunting anyway.

Now that the grass is really brown it’s time to start feeding the donkeys and goat some extra rations and hay.