Farm Update

After the frost last week the weather has warmed back up and its been nice in the 70’s. It looks like it might get back in the high 30’s this weekend. We finally got about 0.5 inches of rain. It doesn’t seem like much but it was very welcome and really did a lot of good.

I’ve cleaned up the little garden. The was removing all the things that didn’t make it through the frost. Lots of baby tomatoes on the vines, so I put it all in the chicken pen for them to enjoy. I’ve got it all tilled up and covered it with clover seeds for the winter. The only thing left in there is the asparagus and some strawberry plants. I’ll work on the big garden this week. I’ve only got two rows of tomatoes to cleanup and some pumpkin vines. I should be able to knock it all out in a couple of afternoons.

I shot another deer yesterday. A doe this time, it was my last chance since doe season is now closed. I should start processing the meat Wednesday and Thursday. She wasn’t nearly as big as the bucks, but the meat will be very good. I can still harvest a spike buck before January, but around here that is a difficult task, not many running around. I think my gun is shooting a little low both of my shots were lower than expected, just catching the heart and I missed a coyote the other morning. So I’m planning on setting up my shooting bench again and sorting that out. With the meat out of the way I want be doing much deer hunting, but I’ll probably still go a time or 2 a week to try for coyotes or a pig. I saw coyotes 3 days in a row, and that’s a bad thing with the livestock I’ve got around here.

I’m off to Dallas tomorrow for work and I hope it’s only a day trip. With the moisture on the ground I’m hoping to burn a couple of the brush piles I’ve got from all the fence cleanup.

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