Trip wrap up

It’s was a fun week. I’ve learned about several new products and services for the community banking industry. Lots of information and ideas to work out in the week to come. I’ve also had a very good time here. To start with The Red Rock Casino and Resort has been an amazing place to stay. It’s a really beautiful place to stay and the dining and entertainment are top notch. The biggest treat to dining out was at Terra Rosa. I remember watching Hell’s Kitchen and hoping that Heather West would win (back before we moved and I had time to watch TV). Great food, services and atmosphere. I did of course hit the casino for a little bit of fun, I didn’t really win much here but I only played about $10 (I’m not really a gambler).

Last night we headed down to the strip. I’m not sure exactly how many casinos I went to but it was a bunch. The funny thing is that I played a dollar in everyone I passed through, just to do it of course. We watched the water show over at the Bellagio and it was Christmas theme, very cool. We went to the Hard Rock Casino and ate the buffet there. And so many other place it’s hard to remember it all.

To sum it all up, Vegas was great.

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