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Well it’s been a few weeks since the last farm update so here it goes. The last update I mentioned that I had shot another deer I got it all processed like normal except this time I made a lot of pan sausage. Camille and I tried several different recipes and found a couple that we liked. We’ve now got a lot of really good pan sausage for the year. Last week my dad took a nice 8 Point buck. I got it all processed as well. This time I borrowed a sausage stuffer and made a few hanks of sausage, with really pork casings. I’m planning on firing up the smoker after work and smoking some of it. I think we have another years supply of meat in the freezers which is a good thing.

Saturday we took the pig over to a friends house to castrate along with their 3. Well their 3 went well but when we did ours he got a rupture, which wouldn’t have been so bad, but we didn’t have the supplies needed for surgery. So to sum that up we had some nice slow cooked pork for super.

There has been much gardening going on since its winter and all. I did get the big garden all cleaned up. We have all the winter greens that you could want. The radishes and beets are getting up to almost eating size now. The carrots, onions and other roots are doing good. The cabbage is heading up nice as well as the broccoli and cauliflower. Everything is really low maintenance this time of year.

The chickens are still laying plenty of egg’s and Camille said that she say the geese breeding the other day. So I guess we should see something going on with geese eggs soon.

Everything else has really slowed to a crawl. With only a couple of hours between when I get home from work and dark I’m not getting much done. I did manage to cut down a few more trees, but I still have plenty of cleanup work that needs to be done.

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