Farm Update

We are finally starting to get some cold weather down at the farm. Day time temps don’t really look that bad for the next 15 days, but night time looks cold and below freezing. We had a very heavy frost this morning, so I guess I’ll what’s left in the garden this afternoon. Hopefully most things made it, I will plan on adding some more mulch.

We have several things that need to be harvested but we’ve had a lot of rain (2.5″) over the last week, so I’ve stayed out of the mud. I ordered some greenhouse supplies last week. January is almost here and thats when it’s time to start getting thing seeded for spring plantings. I’ve still got to locate a heater but I have a couple of ideas.

I started working on the 2008 Farm Plan last week. I sorta had a plan last year, but with all the remodeling and moving things didn’t really go as planned. This year I’m expecting a much different outcome. I’m adding a market garden, and working out a CSA plan. While we are not actually going to do a CSA this year, I’ll consider it a trial year. With real goals and expectations to meet. It was recommend to me to do this trial for one year, before making it a reality. I’ve got seeds ordered and target planting dates sets. I’m actually doing everything in Numbers (like excel for for Apple).

With the cold and the rain comes the ducks. I finally got to put on the waders and head out to the flooded timber over the weekend. No t many ducks coming into it yet, but I did bag one.