Farm Update

I’ve been working on the greenhouse this week. I got it mostly cleaned out and put a new flooring in. Last year it a grass floor that I had to keep weed whacked and hand trimmed. To time consuming and it got out of hand several times. Now I’ve put in a nice cover of heavy land scape fabric.

My first order of seeds is in also. So there should be no delays this year getting things started on time. And I also located the heater i needed. While in a big town today I picked up big bags of perlite, vermiculite, and peat, so the starting soil is already to go.

Now I just need to get the new plastic put on and I’ll be ready. Looking at the time I shouldn’t have any problems with that. This is going much smoother than last year. Of course this year I’m not trying to finish up a remodel and move either 🙂

Oh and in case your were wondering, the ducks are flying ok. I’ve put a few in the freezer. Yesterday I slow smoked some wild hog and doves over some green hickory. It turned out great.