Farm Update

Well it’s been a week since I started the first batch of seeds. All but 2 types have germinate and are looking good. I started the second batch of seeds today, this is a weekly task. Hopefully it will spread out production and make it a continuos harvest, instead of heavy and light harvests.

The weather has been crazy over the last week. Some days it was 27F with highs in the 40’s then its been lows in the 60’s and highs around 77F. Luckily the addition of a heater this year to the green house has made it find for the seedlings. A lot of the stuff in the garden didn’t like the several days of freezing weather. We have harvested all the cauliflower and broccoli. There are some possibilities of of side shoots, but the way the weather is, I’m not counting on it. The greens and lettuce took a hit also, some looks good, the rest very bad. Next year I think I’ll invest in some floating row crop or tunnels for the winter. Camille cooked up the radishes this week. There are still some in the garden but not enough except for snacks. The beets are struggling, a few almost ready to pick, but most are not. I want be much longer before most of the leftovers go to the chickens and the spring crops put in.

I’ve got my spring/summer plan for the market garden / CSA experiment done. It’s gonna be busy for sure. I’m working on some of the stuff for the personal garden now and hope to get that finished this week and seeds ordered this weekend.

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  1. CSA is community supported agriculture. It’s where you sign up and pay a fee for the season for share (or half share) then you pay so much a week for your share of food. There are risks for both the grower and share holder. But normally you would get a nice big basket of fresh stuff every week. They are getting popular in urban and suburban areas. There are several in your area if i recall correctly.


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