Farm Update

I started the 3rd batch of seeds in the greenhouse today. Oddly enough the germination rate on the 2nd batch has not been as good as the 1st batch. Only 2 things have come up, not sure why the conditions have been about the same. I guess this week will tell if I will end up having to replace the 2nd batch with store bought transplants or not.

I’ve got the main market garden area plowed up. It’s going to be big, and grass is going to be a problem since its new ground. I’ll just have to do the best I can and accept that it’s not going to be grass free the first year.

I also purchased and planted more fruit trees. 2x Peaches, 2x plums, 2x pears and 2x paw-paw’s. I would love to add more, but I’m working on a limited budget. I’ll keep adding each year as I can.

I’ve ordered more seeds, most of which will be for February. I’ve learned my lesson on waiting to late to order. I’ve also started ordering seeds for the home garden.

Things are starting to pick up around here with no lazy afternoons scheduled until next fall.

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