iWeb – First Use Disappointed

I’ve finally had a reason to use iWeb. I’m working on a site for the farm and thought it would be cool to do it in iWeb since it will be more some what static. As far as designing and setting it up, I like it, it works great (not very much fun if you like to tweak things by hand with jEdit). Anyway I’m disappointed about it from a not .mac perspective. Every time you want to post something and you choose publish to folder, it republishes everything. Which means resyncing everthing each time you make a change to a single page, not much fun when you on a slower connection, like me. Also there is a well known bug with the rss that makes it a pain to use the blog feature as well. I’m probably going to dump the idea of using it and just go ahead and do it with wordpress. Not very mac like if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “iWeb – First Use Disappointed”

  1. From a “oohh… fancy” standpoint, it has a certain something that I think the n00b can enjoy. But you are 100% correct – for an honest-to-goodness working site… it’s the sux.

    The site looks good, btw – so maybe just some rolling the wordpress into that template.


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