Busy Times

I’ve been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. Main getting the gardens ready in the bursts of good weather we’ve had. I’ve also been working on a farm specific website and blog. I’ll probably start doing all my garden/farm blogging over there once I have it all ready to go.

I updated my mac to leopard finally. I’ve had the update since the day it hit, but just hadn’t gotten around to loading it. So far its been smooth, but I can say I’ve really found any new feature that I couldn’t live with out. The only real problem I’ve had is mounting SMB shares. I know I’m not alone and I’ve tried every trick and tweak I could find, but still no luck with getting it working. I’d kinda stinks.

3 thoughts on “Busy Times”

  1. I found the SMB share connectivity to be MUCH BETTER over wi-fi and firewire. I’ve had zero trouble with them. The connectivity wasn’t worth the entire price for me, but it has been a *big* plus.

    How are you mounting the shares? Command Line? Ascript? Mine are setup just via the ip address in finder (not sure that’s a very helpful description) and I have an Automator action set up for one click to all shares.


  2. I’ve tried the normal way with apple+k like always. I’ve also tried via command line. I know that the files are there because any prebuilt VLC playlists work with the files on the shares.

    That link didn’t help, but thanks. The SMB are on 2 different NAS servers. The mac I havent’ updated still connects fine, guess I’ll have to wait for the patch, I hear its around 500meg already.


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