I’ve been out of my office almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. Some of that time was for conferences, some meetings and some just doing work at different branches. Friday afternoon I decided to take a little break from all my projects and play with some new software.

I’ve been wanting to take a look at Ziptie for a little while and this was the perfect time. Ziptie is configuration management tool and I want to use it to track changes on routers and switches. I loaded it up on a ubuntu server running on the vmware server. I took a little bit of fiddling to get the java 6 jdk loaded correctly. But it finally started, I loaded the windows client. Added a switch to the list to check out and tried to do a backup, boom error message. So I posted it to the forum and will see what happens from a support standpoint. It not sure if its a server problem or client problem. Either way I hope someone can help me out, this looks like a promising open source system, if I can get it going.

If you happen to have any other suggestions on configuration management for routers and switches leave a comment.

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