Local Lifestream with GCalDaemon

I’ve been dreaming of lifestreaming for years. I’ve written various programs in perl and php and who know what else with and without database several times over. I really should have done something cool with it way back before it started popping up all over the place, but I didn’t. Anyway lately I’ve tried out several of the services out there, it seems like a new one every day or so. But what I’ve really wanted was a way to bring it all to my desk top, stored on my desktop for me to have forever I can guarantee that any particular service will be there for ever. So I’ve been looking for a solution and pulling out some old coding ideas. Then today it hit me, where I really want this data is in my calendar program, currently iCal. Then I can always flip back through the years or do a search. Then if any particular service that I use ever goes away, I still have my data.

Today I found the GCALDaemon Project. You can have it convert RSS to iCal format and subscribe to it. I set it up on my mac, super easy and started subscribing to my feeds from various services, I works like a champ. Super easy way to get your lifestream on your local box.

3 thoughts on “Local Lifestream with GCalDaemon”

  1. I remember *WAY* back you were talking about all this while I looked like one of those powerpoint guys with the question mark over his head. I’m glad you never gave up on this because you were right all along.

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give GCALDaemon a try.


  2. One question: Are you using this to pull in full-content feeds, or does it just parse the title/link? If it were full feed, then iCal could be the shiz for identity archiving.


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