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I’ve been need a few FPS games to play lately. Satellite gameplay is no fun. So I’ve been searching for some free ones for OSX. The one in the image is called Warsow.

I did have a few problems. I’m pretty sure that it’s related to the package, but none of the maps will let you play with bots, it gives you a no nav map error, I think this is only on the Mac version. To solve this you just need to do the following:

1. Go into devmap mode, this is done by pressing the ~ when you have the game loaded up and type: devmap mapname.
2. Type: makenodes
This can take several minutes. Once all the link messages stop going by its done.
3. Type: savenodes
This took several minutes on mine and eventually it disconnected. Once I reconnected bots were working just fine.

While the bots seem to be a little non aggressive from a distance, once in range there aim is deadly.