Nagvis on OSX

I recently replaced the hard drive in my G5 Mac (PPC) and reinstalled the latest version of OSX. Which didn’t solve my problems, but thats a differnt topic.

Anyway I was running Nagios to monitor my home network. I do this for 2 reasons. 1 is that its just a lot of fun and 2 is that I use Nagios at work and like to play around with things at home at night before possibly putting it in production.

I recently decided that I wanted to give NagVis a try. First up was installing Nagios. The last time I did this was from source, but this time I decided to try from MacPorts, since I think it would be much faster. If I remember correctly it took lots of tweaking to get it going on OSX. The MacPorts install went perfectly. Next up was getting NDOutils loaded. This had to be done from source and after a bit of tweaking I got it working great with Nagios. NDOutils is one of the things that need to be in place before Nagvis. Next up were several modules that were needed that are not compiled into the default PHP version that is on OSX. After several hours I got all those compiled and installed. Finally was getting Nagvis going.

Well it works, sorta. The interface does come up and i can do the demo maps, but can’t create my own maps. I get odd errors and they may say something one time and something different the next time. And the apache log files may show different errors as well. No amount of searching and tweaking has gotten it working. I estimate that all together I’ve spent about 10 hours over several nights with no good results. If you have this working on OSX (not server) I would love to know how you did it.

On a side note, while searching for answers online, I actually found that Bing was more helpful than google on a lot of things I was looking for. I know, it doesn’t feel right typing that…

I finally got it all working. Took a lot more tweaking but finally its done.

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  1. So you’re mapping the home network? Sweet. I haven’t played that much with Bing, but it’s very interesting that you were able to find strong tech results there. I would have guessed the opposite.


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