Cacti on OSX

To continue on with monitoring my home network environment with the some of the tools I use to monitor my work environment I’m reinstalling Cacti. Now before the reload of my mac I had cacti running and graphs for at least 3 years. Now while I don’t mind losing that historical data i do mind loosing all the custom scripts that I had written to monitor so of the now SNMP devices on my network, I will probably pull that drive out and copy the data over soon. Note to self include all these config files in my future backup plan.

My first run at installing Cacti was via Macports, which I’ve never tried before. What I discovered is that, the version on macports wouldn’t install with the plugins support. So I did the way I normally do an installed from source. No special notes for osx here, it just works. Same goes for adding the plugin support, worked out of the box, following there install instructions.

So all I can recommend is following the install instructions and install from ports and you’ll be in business. The only thing that I think doesn’t work is the Localhost memory usage. But I’ll be digging into that soon and getting it sorted out with the mac version.