Custom Weather Notifications with Growl

Last night I download Prowl on my iPhone and setup my growl to work with it. It’s very cool stuff together, i’ve been using growl forever.

Anyway tonight I was reading in this thread in the prowl forum where one poster is using growl notifications for weather. Not just any weather but really local weather. Now if you live in or around a big town, most weather apps are pretty accurate for you area. But when you live out in the sticks like I do, they are only close most of the time.

Anyway tonight I set up this excellent pair of perl scripts as outlined here from IBM: Develop your own weahter maps and alerts. Which is a very cool script that will allow you pinpoint your location. I used Photoshop to create the base map from the layers. Once followed all the instructions, some things are not exactly clear at first, but if your familiar with perl reading the code sorts it all out. I setup the notify scripts to send the messages to growl via the growlnotify command.

Now once that was all setup I created a simply bash script that would delete the old Radar overlay, pull the current Radar overlay needed and run the perl weather scripts. I then stuck that script in my crontab. So if I’m at my computer I get notified and if i’m away from my computer i get a push notification to my phone. Very cool stuff. Of course I could just look outside to see if it is raining 🙂

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