Debian Boot Thumb drive from OSX

Last week I had a need to create a debian boot disk. The computer I needed to use it on doesn’t have a CD and I didn’t feel like purchasing a USB CD reader just for the purpose of loading debian, and I didn’t feel like waiting until I could go to down or have it shipped.

So I had to make a boot disk. I’ve done it in Linux several times before but never from OSX. So the commands aren’t exactly the same, here are my notes taken from a couple places on the web, which should serve as a reminder for the next time I have do to it.

First I downloaded the debian image I wanted to use from there site.
Next I stuck the thumb drive in the box.
from the termial (I use iTerm)
#diskutil list
mine was listed as /dev/disk1
#diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1
#bzcat debian.img | dd of=/dev/disk1
#diskutil eject /dev/disk1

It was a simple as that. To test i stuck it in my handy netbook and reboot and I was at the lovely command prompt. Then of course other things happened that required my attention so I haven’t gotten back to that project of getting the box installed yet.