Delicious Clean Up

I’ve been using delicious since way back when it was Pretty much as soon as I heard about it. For some reason today i decided to do a little clean up. I have thousands of bookmarks going back to the beginning of 2004.

Lots of these are dead or just not needed anymore. Like a link to a linux distro in 2004 really isn’t going to help me anymore. Its been interesting looking back and seeing what was interesting to me over the years. All this data is also stored in my lifestream so deleting them, really doesn’t take away from those memories at all.

After just an hour or so of my spare time i got this list down to 99 items. I’m just glad they have a bulk edit option.

Now the next challenge will be to go through these bookmarks and see if the original linked info still exists. If it does then this time if i still find it useful i’ll grab a copy for my offline copy as so many of these links will probably be dead. Well back to it!