jEdit – A few days Later

As I mention last week I started using JEdit. So far its working out really well. I love the folding option for my code, it has made my life so much easier.

I’ve also created my own docmode for SaxBasic, its not complete but ongoing and very easy to use. I’ve also got several plugins loaded to help me do things, more on those later. And lastly the expand abbreviation is nice.

The one thing that I’m having trouble with is multi line selects. Before in I could just hold shift and move up or down several lines to cut and paste. Now that doesn’t get the full line length. I hope I’m just doing something wrong. Also I missing being able to hit a hot key like in UltraEdit to be able to instantly insert the current date. Hopefully I just haven’t figured that one out as well.

A Few Site Updates

You may have noticed a few things changing around here. Updates have been underway for a while. The biggest change is that I’m now filtering entries on the main index, there were lots of posts and such that are mostly for my own reference so I filtered those off the main index and RSS files. I’m working on some full feeds and individual feed categories as well. Just a little spring cleaning I guess.

Netflix Bookmarklet

Ok this is bookmarklet i just cooked up, I think it only works in Firefox/Firebird/Mozilla. Haven’t tried Safari yet. It will take the selected text and do a search at NetFlix, don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner 🙂

<a href="javascript:q=document.getSelection();for(i=0;iSearch Netflix

LibraryLookup and Flower Mound

Last week Kevin was telling me about the Flower Mound Library. It really got me thinking. I haven’t used a library much since college. In college it was so easy to drop by and grab a book or magazine between classes. Since college, i normally buy books and magazines. I read the book it goes on a shelf, occasionally getting lent to a friend but not often. Magazine normally get read, bits and pieces get assimilated into my knowledge base and often they get discarded. Some of the magazines I take to work and give to other interested parties, but again not often. I’m beginning to think that I should stop spending my cash on read once books and magazines and start going back to the library. This should save money and more importantly reduce storage needs.

I came across the mention of Jon Udells LibraryLookup and wow is it cool. You utilize an ISBN from Amazon or All Consuming (or anywhere), then it looks it up in your local library. That’s when I discovered the Flower Mound library web site and that it has a great search feature. Its not listed on any of the lists, and the roll your own didn’t work. Well with a tiny bit of work, here it is for any of you Flower Mound folks that want to save yourself some time. This is very cool indeed.

Drag This to your shorcuts:
Flower Mound Library

SaxBasic ~ DlgListBoxArray Instruction/Function

I’ve been coding stuff in Sax Basic for years now. Its embedded in our main estimating software. Everyonce in a while, I’ll discover something new that I’ve never noticed before.

Yesterday I had a need to dynamically repopulate a listbox based on a few other selections. While it seemed common I had never crossed this bridge before, or at least I don’t rember it. Any way the example is:

If DlgItem$ = “Change” Then
Dim N As Integer
N = UBound(lists$)+1
ReDim Preserve lists$(N)
lists$(N) = “List ” & N
DlgListBoxArray “list”,lists$()
DialogFunc% = True ‘do not exit the dialog
End If

That will take the current list and add a new list to it. Not exactly what i need but it was my jumping off point. I now have my latest macro working great. I’m posting here for future reference for my self.

perl hacking

I’ve been playing with blagg some again. This time i used the MT plugin to have it post to Movable Type. There was one problem, that plugin is a touch old so the refresh part didn’t work. I fixed that. Next I wanted it to post a category also, done. Then i figured I could make it standalone from blagg to post a specific file. Done. A good nights hacking, not done but in good shape for a little project I’m working on 🙂