Times Up

Yep the week is over. I once thought that i was just having “one of those weeks”. Not anymore. I guess my job has just changed a little and thats the way its gonna be. Other than work i got a chance to work on my perl program lsDrinks. Hopefully i’ll get the chance to polish it up and make a new release this week. I also started a new domain for doing some consulting work. So a new website for that project will need to
be created soon. Hardware wise i got a new 20gig HD for my laptop, i’m reinstalling every thing now the plan is dual boot Win2K and Linux (red hat or mandrake). I did finally get my proxy server up and going so now when i hookup my 2 laptops every day they think they are still at the office with out changing anything. Tomorrow i must goto fry’s to get a mobo for a family fixer up!

Back on the social side of life i meet up with a friend today and watched the DnD movie. Not bad really, i enjoyed it. Now back to install land. Oh and i did wash that dirty truck.

Holidays are over

Well the holidays were good, i had a bacon cheeseburger from what a burger for my thanksgiving meal. I played games for a couple of days straight, with only a case of mountain dew to keep me going. Then i headed down the country to visit my folks and got in a little deer hunting. Not bad at all. But today is
fucked i’m just now getting to my desk today and i’ve been here since about 7:30, but the day is almost over and i’ve got a family pc to fix tonight, and some video to edit , etc….

Back to Work

Well its back to ass busting time at work again, but only one more day this week. The project that i’m currently working on is keeping my busy. But my company is now taking the company who provides the software and some services to court so i’m sure its going to get interesting , and all my hard work will get trashed. Oh well life goes on, new challenges come up. Back to the code 🙂

Life Update

I have had a very fucked up last two weeks. Its much to fucked up to even try to explain. Things are back to normal again expect regualar updates once more.

Midweek Update

This is kinda week is off, i just realized its Thursday not Wendsday, i’m just all out of wack. I finally got to meet several of my neighbors this week, i’ve been living in the same apt for 3.5 years and have never meet any of my neighbors. Well its all changed now, we drank, smoked and hung out. So we are all cool now, and its about time 🙂

Not much on the hardware scene this week. I’m trying to buy an external modem to test with the LRP, from ebay. I couldn’t believe that they are still 80+ bux at the stores. Wow. I did pickup a 100mb switch for the ole home office the other hub i had wasn’t cutting it anymore and i did get a new 100mb PCMCIA card for my notebook, so now both notebooks match.

Well back to work.

Capture Card

Well i finally got my TV capture card up and running, and now my WinVCR is working like a charm, no more missed shows and no need to buy a Sony digital recorder. Ahh.. it took long enough , but its just in time for all the new fox fall shows. Next project is finishing the Linux Router and then to the IOpeners, who knows maybe i’ll actually get everything done for a change. 🙂

Cold Beer

So i meet an old friend from my old company for beer last night. It was great catching up on old times. The project i’m working on is supposed to be ready for a beta release today but the company i’m working with has never made a deadline , ever, ever, ever. So i’m not optimistic about it happening but who knows.

Hockey Rocks

I went to my first Hockey games last night with my buddy CyberMonkey, and it rocked. Now i’ve watched hockey a couple of times before at the bar, but being there was really cool. Hell i don’t even know any of the rules but that doesn’t really matter it was just cool to watch. Then we headed out to a club that had it
going on. I was blown away by this place, one becuase of all the hot chix, and two becuase it was only 1.4 miles from my apt, and i never knew it was there. wow.

Mid-Week Update

Same stuff different week. I’m working on a friday deadline for a project at work so thats keeping me busy well into the night at the moment. I did take some time out and play with the Linux Router Project stuff last night. I’ve currently been testing 2 different distro. If you’ll rember from the other night i was having network card problems, so now what i have is a new setup i have an old 486 DX66 that some gave me when i did an upgrade for them its got built in video, thats one less card to jack with, Its an ISA board with a riser card (read its an old Packard Bell), an isa modem card, and an isa network card. Once i moved to this new box and started using ISA network card instead of PCI the network was up and running. Now the problem seems to be with the modem. I know this modem works with Red Had but its not working with
these mini distros. I’m almost certian that if i get a serial modem it will work correctly, so hopefully i can pick one up today for a small cost and i’ll get back on that tonight.