What a week

Its just been on of those weeks and now its over. I started the week off by redoing my work box. I was sick and tired of windows crashing all the time. I only need to run a database server and a client app on windows. So i got out fdisk and my RedHat CD and fixed it. Ahh… so much better. And for those pesky windows apps i loaded up VMware and only loaded the database server and the 2 apps i needed. Everything else i can run under Linux and with Star Office all my MS Office stuff is still good. So i spent a day updating all the software, tweaking Enlightenment to my satisfaction, configuring Samba and writting a
few shell scripts to make things better. Now its all tweaked out and life is good. So when windows crashes (it will even under the great VMware software) I
can read my mail and surf until it gets rebooted. Now so much stress has melted away , well maybe the beer at Chili’s helped. Anyway things are almost back to normal. I still have alot of contract work to get to this weekend and a concert but its all good.

Weekend Update

Its been a pretty busy weekend. Went to the future in-laws for most of the weekend. Now its Sunday night and i’m home. I had chance to read a few more chapters of Cryptonomicon and a couple articles in Linux Journal. I have also found my archive CD of my old website that i’ve been searching for :). Now i’m doing email and eating Popnots and drinking Abita. A nice ending to a good weekend. I’ve got two major projects going at work and several minor ones. I also picked up another consulting job last week and finished one. So i still have 2 jobs i’m working on. Its nice to be busy 🙂

Here Again

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling and stuff lately. I’ve spent
some time updating the software over at 10500bc. And even started a new project you can check out there add that to the 2 consulting
gigs i’m working on, sprinkle in just a little Everquest and time = 0. 🙂

Weekend Update

Well i thought i would post whats been going on lately i spent friday night various bars with Vman, Cybermonkey and others. (Pictures soon to come). Once i got up Saturday i started playing EverQuest. If you have never played or don’t know what that is its a very addicting online RPG. I didn’t stop play till late Sunday afternoon. Just todo a few things that couldn’t be put off any longer. Then i got back on for “just a few more minutes”. Its amazing how addictive this game is. So Monday comes. What a fucked up day. My truck tire blew out on the way to work. I didn’t have the correct socket to get the tire off, had to find that,etc. , etc. , new tire, etc… Long story short got home about 2:30. Decided it would be best just to work from home the rest of the day rather than try the trek again. So I did some work then later played a little EQ. Which brings us to now. And a list of misc news:

Napters Stuff:
Napster Backlash Has Begun
Napster May Not Matter Anymore

Beer Stuff:
Science + suds = Beer geeks
Hang around computer professionals long enough and you’ll notice they like beer an awful lot.
I think they are correct 🙂
Speaking of beer , did ya see the X-Files Sunday night? At the end they poped open a couple of Shiner Bocks. (My Favorite Brew)

Space Stuff:
Securing space for the military
Got that link from CrazyGirl.

Busy Week

Well i’ve been really busy this week. I’ve been playing a lot of EQ and i’ve cranked out a new version of lsDrinks my headline grabber. Should be back to normal now.