Hurricane Gustav

Like many people we were pretty concerned about Hurricane Gustav. Initial reports said it would still be a hurricane when it reach east Texas. Luckily for us it lost most of its force before it got to us. We did get a lot of wind but it looks like the only really damage was some roofing of the old barn blew off and a door broke. So we are thankful that it wasn’t worse. The rain wasn’t as bad as predicted, we got less than 2″.

One thing that we did do was a lot of prep work and while most of the things I did weren’t needed, I’m glad we were ready just in case.



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I’ve been need a few FPS games to play lately. Satellite gameplay is no fun. So I’ve been searching for some free ones for OSX. The one in the image is called Warsow.

I did have a few problems. I’m pretty sure that it’s related to the package, but none of the maps will let you play with bots, it gives you a no nav map error, I think this is only on the Mac version. To solve this you just need to do the following:

1. Go into devmap mode, this is done by pressing the ~ when you have the game loaded up and type: devmap mapname.
2. Type: makenodes
This can take several minutes. Once all the link messages stop going by its done.
3. Type: savenodes
This took several minutes on mine and eventually it disconnected. Once I reconnected bots were working just fine.

While the bots seem to be a little non aggressive from a distance, once in range there aim is deadly.

A story about “Batman”

by Tim Burton

I’ve watched this several times since it originally came out way back when. But today was a special treat. Me and my 4 year old were at my parents when he discovered the VHS that’s been there since when ever that was released. With all the recent batman stuff on TV lately he decided he wanted to watch it. Of course the none action scenes bored him and he still doesn’t under stand secret identities, but I’m pretty sure he is a fan now, he even got a Batman lunch box 🙂

A review of “Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity”

by Byron Acohido

I read this book because I really wanted to find the shocking truth about how banks help cyber crooks steal your money. What I found was some stories about crimes that have been committed, which I have read about before, but with more detail. What I didn’t find was much on how banks help with stealing money. It focused mostly on the Payment Card Industry and Credit Bureaus which do seem to help, but not really anything from the banking side that could actually be used to make a bank more secure.