Tractor Repairs

It was great day to work on the tractor today, the weather was nice, but it was to wet to do anything around the farm. So I replace the fuel tap that’s been leaking forever. I also replaced the light switch that was broken when I bought it. Now I can work in the dark. A little at a time I’ll have this old tractor like new. I was lucky and found new parts on ebay from a great tractor parts guy, I can see many more transactions in the future. I’ve got a leaky seal that needs to be replaced next.

Toys for Boys

I spent part of the weekend cleaning up the computer area, we got almost 4″ of rain so it was good to stay inside. In doing so I found the Gameboy Advance SP and the PSP. Neither have been used or charged since we left the city. So I plugged them in. The boy loves the Gameboy, he’s not really that good at the games, but for a 3 year old, he does good at Metroid prime. It at least gives him a lot of entertainment and keeps him from hogging my computer to play games. The PSP is a little to big for his hands, but thats ok he is still rough on things now. I also found some decks of Pirates of the Spanish Main. He had a blast with the little ships, glad to see my old toys finding new life. I think we may have a little gamer on our hands.

Busy Times

I’ve been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. Main getting the gardens ready in the bursts of good weather we’ve had. I’ve also been working on a farm specific website and blog. I’ll probably start doing all my garden/farm blogging over there once I have it all ready to go.

I updated my mac to leopard finally. I’ve had the update since the day it hit, but just hadn’t gotten around to loading it. So far its been smooth, but I can say I’ve really found any new feature that I couldn’t live with out. The only real problem I’ve had is mounting SMB shares. I know I’m not alone and I’ve tried every trick and tweak I could find, but still no luck with getting it working. I’d kinda stinks.

iWeb – First Use Disappointed

I’ve finally had a reason to use iWeb. I’m working on a site for the farm and thought it would be cool to do it in iWeb since it will be more some what static. As far as designing and setting it up, I like it, it works great (not very much fun if you like to tweak things by hand with jEdit). Anyway I’m disappointed about it from a not .mac perspective. Every time you want to post something and you choose publish to folder, it republishes everything. Which means resyncing everthing each time you make a change to a single page, not much fun when you on a slower connection, like me. Also there is a well known bug with the rss that makes it a pain to use the blog feature as well. I’m probably going to dump the idea of using it and just go ahead and do it with wordpress. Not very mac like if you ask me.

Farm Update

I started the 3rd batch of seeds in the greenhouse today. Oddly enough the germination rate on the 2nd batch has not been as good as the 1st batch. Only 2 things have come up, not sure why the conditions have been about the same. I guess this week will tell if I will end up having to replace the 2nd batch with store bought transplants or not.

I’ve got the main market garden area plowed up. It’s going to be big, and grass is going to be a problem since its new ground. I’ll just have to do the best I can and accept that it’s not going to be grass free the first year.

I also purchased and planted more fruit trees. 2x Peaches, 2x plums, 2x pears and 2x paw-paw’s. I would love to add more, but I’m working on a limited budget. I’ll keep adding each year as I can.

I’ve ordered more seeds, most of which will be for February. I’ve learned my lesson on waiting to late to order. I’ve also started ordering seeds for the home garden.

Things are starting to pick up around here with no lazy afternoons scheduled until next fall.

Farm Update

Well it’s been a week since I started the first batch of seeds. All but 2 types have germinate and are looking good. I started the second batch of seeds today, this is a weekly task. Hopefully it will spread out production and make it a continuos harvest, instead of heavy and light harvests.

The weather has been crazy over the last week. Some days it was 27F with highs in the 40’s then its been lows in the 60’s and highs around 77F. Luckily the addition of a heater this year to the green house has made it find for the seedlings. A lot of the stuff in the garden didn’t like the several days of freezing weather. We have harvested all the cauliflower and broccoli. There are some possibilities of of side shoots, but the way the weather is, I’m not counting on it. The greens and lettuce took a hit also, some looks good, the rest very bad. Next year I think I’ll invest in some floating row crop or tunnels for the winter. Camille cooked up the radishes this week. There are still some in the garden but not enough except for snacks. The beets are struggling, a few almost ready to pick, but most are not. I want be much longer before most of the leftovers go to the chickens and the spring crops put in.

I’ve got my spring/summer plan for the market garden / CSA experiment done. It’s gonna be busy for sure. I’m working on some of the stuff for the personal garden now and hope to get that finished this week and seeds ordered this weekend.

Happy New Year

Well it’s time to kick off a new year. I got the greenhouse up and running as planned over the weekend and Monday. I started the first batch of seeds for the garden today. I hope it’s a good gardening year.

The weird thing is that we as I start transplants for spring, we are still harvesting from the fall/winter garden. We’ve just about got all the broccoli and cauliflower (which didn’t do well when if froze). Today we harvested the first cabbage. We still have lots of greens ready when we need them. I’ve learned a lot of stuff over the last year, and it really does look like I can garden 365 days without much trouble.