Crazy iTunes Memes

Ok here is mine:

Total number of tracks: 23750

Sort by song title:
* First Song: … And The Mouse Ploice Never Sleep – Jethro Tull
* Last Song: Zydeco Boogie Woogie – Jocque, Beau & The Zydeco

Sort by time:
* Shortest Song: The grand Vizier’s Garden Party (Entrance) (1:00) Pink Floyd
* Longest Song: Echoes (25:27) Pink Floyd

Tropical Storm Arlene

Crazygirl just posted about tropical storm Arlene. That gave me the perfect chance to try out Megatrack for OSX after having it downloaded for a while. The image below was taken from its jpg capture option then I cropped it in PhotoShop. She also linked to the National Hurricane Service, where you can subscribe to the XML Feed to get updates, very nice of them.

Tropical Storm Arlene
Originally uploaded by nf0.

A shot of Tropical Storm Arlene taken form Megatrack today.

Funny Spam

Its not often that I read any spam, but i got this one today and thought I would share the top of it.

“Dear Dude

It is with trust and believe that I write to you…..blah blah”

Very nice.