Kids Who Watch More TV Dominate Trivial Pursuit Games, Study Says

“The researchers from Harvey Mudd College determined that children who watched more television had a greater chance of winning trivia games than those who did not watch TV. The study found that the chance of winning such games rose by 34 percent for every hour of television watched.” – more

Other People’s Books

Flak Magazine: Other People’s Books, 08-13-03 “Why do we care about other people’s books? What’s it to us what somebody else is reading? … Still, we strain our eyes to make out the title of a stranger’s paperback, staring and not-staring as if it were a pretty girl or a one-armed man.”

I enjoying seeing what other people read, listen to, and watch. Thats how I find out about new things to experience that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

You might be from a small town if…

Camille here is your “we are moving to the country guide”. Get ready 🙂

Highlights include:
9. You bragged to your friends because you got pipes on your truck for your birthday.
23. Directions are given using “the” stoplight as a reference.
31. It is normal to see an old man riding through town on a riding lawnmower.
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SciFi Expo – July 12-13

Looks like Jeremy Bulock (Boba-Fett) and the Adrian & neil Rayment (Matrix Twins) are all going to be at the SciFi Expo here in Dalls. Also Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Billy Dee Williams(Lando Calrissian) are going to be there and others. Guess I know where I’ll be that weekend 🙂

Camille generally doesn’t like cons so I guess I’ll have to go it alone, unless i can talk her into it.

Hot Wings in Dallas

The GuideLive has the low down on > Hot wings in Dallas. Of the 2 highest rated Wingstop and Pluckers, i’ve not been to Pluckers. I agree that wingstop has awesome wings, the atomics almost killed me, but they were worth the pain 🙂 I’ll have to give Pluckers a shot.