“2600.com is now making available an RSS feed for our readers’ convenience. It contains the headlines for articles posted to our website, and in addition can be used to automate downloading of our radio programs Off the Hook and Off the Wall.” – 2600 NEWS: NEW 2600 RSS FEED OTH/OTW SHOW DELIVERY

This kicks ass, I’ve been downloading them faithfully since that started putting them online way back when, now this will make it so much easier.

The Code of the Wild

“Merger of DNA technique, barcodes has potential for instant specimen ID”DallasNews.com

So when can I get my DNA scanner? This seem like a very cool way to ID bugs. But Until they hit the store shelves I guess I’ll stick with my field guides.


“Just type in below what you want to find and Feedster will search
within Media Feeds and find you Feeds with media clips matching your query” – FeedsterTV

This is very cool.