Interactive Fiction in the 21st Century

“If you’ve ever wandered around Raccoon City looking for a gem to place into a slot, or if you’ve ever felt the rush of satisfaction upon solving one of Zelda’s intricate systems of levers and objects, or if you were impressed by Knights of the Old Republic’s clever NPCs and dialogue, then you owe a debt to interactive fiction.” – the whole article

I got this off of Slashdot and read it over lunch. What a great read, if the above paragraph catches your attention, then its probably worth your time. I could spend a few hours following the links later this weekend.

Error Reporting 101

I think, every computer user, or at least, every one that will ever come into contact with admins, tech support, or just people with a clue, should have to take a madatory course: “Error Reporting 101”
And some might even need “Understanding And Answering Easy Questions 105” and “Following The Fuckin Instructions 109”.


I agree 100%!!!