Conan (2004- Dark Horse) 2nd Printing 1
Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma 3
Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated (2000) 33
Masters of the Universe (2004- 3rd Series Image) 1
Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men 1
Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men 2
Masters of the Universe Rise of the Snake Men 3
PS238 (2002) 6
Transformers The War Within (2003- ) 6

Incoming: Magazines

From Zinio:
PC Magazine – Fall – 03 (old but I guess i forgot about it)
Computer Gaming World – April 2004
Computer Gaming World – May 2004
Electronic Gaming Montly – April 2004
Electronic Gaming Montly – May 2004

Incoming: Stuff

Well I guess this is about the last spree I’ll be going for a while, I suppose you could call it my pre-baby purchasing 🙂

Crucial: 512MB, 200-pin SODIMM Upgrade for a Apple PowerBook G4 867MHz (12-inch Display) System

Texas Music Express:
Cross Canadian Ragweed – Soul Gravy (Incl.Bonus DVD)
Jarrod Birmingham – Stages
Jason Boland and the Stragglers – Live at Billy Bob’s

Compadre Records:
James McMurtry – Live in Ought 3

Incoming: Stuff

So I went a little wild last night:
DVD : FREAKS & GEEKS-COMPLETE SERIE – DeepDiscountDVD shows its on Backorder

Comics: from
Heavy Metal Magazine (1977) 200405
Marvel Age: Spider-man 2
PVP (2003- Image) 6
Swamp Thing (2004- 4th Series) 2
Wynonna Earp Home on the Strange 1A
Wynonna Earp Home on the Strange 2A

Books: From Amazon
“The Confusion : Volume Two of The Baroque Cycle”
Neal Stephenson;Hardcover; – PreOrder
“How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day”
Michael J. Gelb;Paperback;

DVD: From Amazon
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) – PreOrder


Alternation 2A
G.I. Joe: Reloaded 1
GI Joe (2001 Image) 28
Planetary (1999) 19
Sojourn (2001- CrossGen) 33
Stargate SG-1: P.O.W. 1A
Stargate SG-1: P.O.W. 2A
Transformers Armada (2002-) Energon 21
Transformers GI Joe (2003) 6
Wizard the Comics Magazine (1991) 151AP

Cooks Illustrated – May-June 2004