Ubuntu Server Update

So the ubuntu server worked out really well. There’s already been talk that some of the users don’t want to go back to the “slow windows server”. Thats still open for discussion. I will note that a did screw up the host file, thinking it was the hosts file 🙂 And I will say that the recovery console when booting from the CD works great. What does that mean to the user? Well if you screw up the file, then sudo (running as root) doesn’t work. So your left with out being able to do anything, or even fix the file. So the first thing I did after I fixed that in recovery mode was to enable the root user. I will continue to use sudo for most things, but at least I know that I can lock myself out again like that.

Ubuntu in Production

I had a rough day yesterday. When I got to work I discovered that a SBS 2003 server had crashed, big time. So in order to get things back up and running I was able to move all the data to the Ubuntu server that I set up last week as my partimage server. Added users and samba accounts and everybody was running again. Now I have to figure out what todo. The SBS server is running on a very old server about 6.5 years old and is very underpowered for the OS. All the users have noticed a huge difference in the speed at which they are getting files now. So I have a feeling that this may just be a permanent change. The work group that uses this server doesn’t utilize anything past file sharing and backups on this server. So I’m happy to report that I now have a copy of Ubuntu 6.06 server in my production environment and its doing well.

Zoneminder CTU

I loaded up the CTU Zoneminder linux today. Its basically Fedora Core 3 with Zoneminder setup and ready to roll. It was super quick to get everything up and running at work. I’ve got some more Axis 211’s coming so it was time to get this sorted out.

Q Emulator on OSX

I’ve been playing with the Q Emulator on OSX for the last few days. Here are some of my results.

nUbuntu Live CD – Wouldn’t Boot at all
kubuntu – Install went fine, but Configuring Base System Never Completes
ubuntu Live CD – Works fine
Ubuntu Server – Can’t get past the Extracting zlibing install phase 34%

I have a lot more to try.

Ubuntu and Zoneminder

You may remember that I post a while ago about not being able to get Zoneminder going on Ubuntu 5.10. Well I tested several of the RC’s of the latest version and got closer each time. Now with the latest release of zoneminder it works just fine with Ubuntu 5.10. I know I got a ton of emails from folks about this. It was really great to finally get this to work. Way to go guys!

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Ubuntu and Zoneminder Revisted

I originally setup zoneminder on Ubuntu 5.04 and after a struggle got it going. But I failed to take notes. I’ve since upgraded to Ubuntu 5.10 and attempted to get Zoneminder 1.21.4 going. After a lot of work, I resulted in never being able to get it successfully compiled. I think the problem is somewhere with the libavcodec, but I’m not sure. Anyway 8 hours is enough time for this project. Looks like I’ll have to try it on another distro soon. If you successfully have this combination working leave a note so that I know there is hope 🙂

iSeriesAccess on Ubuntu

I finally got iSeriesAccess to run on Ubuntu. The problem was staring me in the face. The error message I kept getting was:
5250: [ INFORMATIONAL ]: Build Date: 13 July 2005 (1.10).
*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0838ff80 ***

The fix (maybe a better way) was simply starting it up like this:
./ibm5250 -LANGID en_us

ZoneMinder on Ubuntu Update

Last week I setup ZoneMinder as far as I could with out a camera. Today the Axis 211 came in. It took some more time adjusting settings and tweaking things but its all up and running now. Works great, this will probably save the company lots of $$ in the long run. If your attempting to setup zoneminder, remember the log files are your friends, for they most part they helped me sort out all the little problems.