OSSIM on Ubuntu

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday setting up OSSIM on my Ubuntu box. The debian guide was helpful, but not fool proof. Over all I think I spent about as much time searching for answers as I did actually setting it up. It still needs tweaking and I think next time I wipe the install and start from scratch, I’ll keep very good notes and post them for others. Actually I should have done that from the start, but I didn’t.

HylaFAX on Ubuntu

I’ve always wanted to play with HylaFAX, but have never really had the time. Today all of my projects are in a waiting status, so this was on my someday list. I decided to set it up on my Ubuntu box that I’ve been playing with the last few weeks.

First off I had to get the Lucent chip based winmodem working. this message was very helpful in getting that goine. Next I installed hylafax-server and hylafax-client with apt-get. The configuration script got hung in a loop, but I canceled it and ran it again (I guess it runs after apt-get) and got it all working.

A slight problem I had was that once I set it up to route the faxes as PDF to my email, the pdfs where corrupted. I had to edit the setup.cache file and change the ENCODING from ” to base64, got that tip via google.

So its up and running with number based routing and sending faxes from windows works fine also. I would love to put on of these into production, but so many people here still like the paper…

Beagle & KDE on Cygwin

Some times playing around with technology I get surprised when things happen. I’m running Beagle on my Ubuntu workstation. I had cygwin X with KDE running on my windows laptop. I wanted to fire up the best tool (thats the beagle search tool) and forgot I was in a terminal and it fired it up in my cygwin session, with the tool bar icon. Then for fun I hit F12 and it launched it. I know how all this stuff works, but wasn’t thinking about it when I did it, and boy is that cool.

ZoneMinder on Ubuntu

It tooks several hours yesterday and today, but I got ZoneMinder running on Ubuntu 5.04, without cameras anyway. It took a lot of work and installs and research to get all the libraries and such loaded. I plan on taking my console log file and documenting exactly what I did, since this is just a test server anyway. I’m not 100% sure that I will even keep it on Ubuntu, Mandriva, with all its multimedia goodness, seems to be a better choice.

Samba and VFS modules

One of my goals for this week was to impliment the recycle vfs module for samba 3. I set it up and tested it a few days on my development server, before moving it to the production servers this morning. What this does is instead of deleting files from the samba server, it moves them to a Recyle Bin within to dir. Hopefully this will cut down on some of the restore from backups that I’ve had to do.

Now i’m playing with the audit module. It seems to be working correctly, but looking at the log file, it doesn’t actually show which user made the change to the file. Its possible that I’m not reading the log file correctly. I’ve done a lot of searching but haven’t really found much information about this online. Does anybody have a good reference, online or book, that covers this? If so leave a comment or send me and email if you don’t mind.

Samba 3 PDC

Its been a busy R&D day here at the office. Its not often that I actually have enough spare time to work with some things on my wish list. I’ve been wanting to get Samba to be a PDC for some time now. I did this once before a long time ago but never followed through with implimenting it. Well thats about to change, I got it all set up on a test server. I still have some tweaking and work to go, but its looking good.

RescueCD 0.9.12r2 – partimage to partimage server problem

I posted this to the RescueCD list several days ago, with no response. I wonder if this is a project thats almost gone.

I just started using the 0.9.12r2 version of the cd. I ran partimage and wasn’t able to connect correctly with my partimage-server. So I upgraded my server to partimage-server-0.6.4-1. It still doesn’t work. Its possible that this isn’t the exact version on the cd but the -v option only shows 0.6.4. Does anybody know the exact version on the cd, or have any idea what might be wrong?

Mandrake 10.2 RC 2

Last week before I was out with the baby, I did manage to get Mandrake 10.2 RC 2 loaded on the test box. No problems so far. With them changing there name to Mandriva, I wonder if its going to effect the realse of 10.2 which I think they are now calling Mandrake 2005. I’m hoping that it doesn’t.