I’ve got to spend a little time with iPhoto over the past couple of days. We have been downloading all our pictures into Camilles iBook. Mainly because its so easy and we have it with us all the time. Most of my pictures are 2048x and they need to be about 640x to put on the website, plus compressed down from 2mb each to something smaller. It was so easy todo with iPhoto, i could select all the ones i wanted and do an export and that was it. Next was just loading them into the gallery online. Easy stuff, simple good and fun. I like simple.

AppleScript: Automated Audio Blogging

“I have created a script that allows me to update my web log from Internet Explorer. I surf to a page and, if I want to post a link to it, I run the script that uses the “do script” command to have Javascript grab the page title, url and whatever text I selected on the page.” Read on for more.

Wow AppleScript looks like some powerful stuff. It ties everything together i guess. Man do I have a learning curve to look forward to.

New iMac

So the new iMac is so sweet. I can totally see me becoming a Mac Person in the near future. This is where its out, i’ve been missing out.

The Digital Hub

The Digital Hub. He says that the PC is the center of the “new digital lifestyle”. He is not doing demos of alot of the software including iDVD which makes anything on the PC look like a pain in the ass. Now he is showing iPhoto. I can’t believe all the things he can do with it. It takes me a half a dozen PC programs to get the functionality of that one package. Amazing.

Harry Potter for Mac

So now they are showing some gaming stuff. Specifically Harry Potter, and it looks great. And all the other stuff they have planned is great if you are a mac gammer.