George Strait – 50 #1’s

This will be the first George Strait CD that I won’t buy. I’ve been a fan forever and have all the CD’s until now.
George Stait 50 #1’s
sounds like a great collection, until you get some more information on it. They actually edited almost all of the songs, WTF? are they nuts. The thought of it pisses me off so much, I can only think that he wasn’t involved and that MCA did. I guess now I’ll have an incomplete collection. Its good to see so many other negative amazon reviews, hopefully people will get the message and MCA will get a clue.

Classic Albums – Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of Moon – DVD

“Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” Classic Album is the creative story behind the masterpiece: “Dark Side Of The Moon”. “Dark Side Of The Moon” transformed Pink Floyd from art house favorites to global, stadium superstars.”

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Classic Albums – Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of Moon last night. It was great probably one of the best music documentary shows I have ever seen. DSOTM is my favorite work of Pink Floyd and this is a must have for any fan.

Kid Rock – Kid Rock

Kid Rocks new CD Kid Rock, well rocks. There is nothing on this CD that I don’t like, of course I’ve only listened to it 3 or 4 times so far. Its different from every other CD that he has done, and like Cocky its a very diverse album. He pulls from country, classic rock, blues, hip hop and rock to make this a great CD.

Also you can stream the video for “Feel Like Making Love“.

2 New CDs From Robert Earl Keen + 1 From Violent J

I recently purchased the 2 latest Robert Earl Keen CDs.

The first one Farm Fresh Onions, is the one with the new stuff. He version of James McMurtry’s “Out Here In The Middle” is pretty good. The title track “Farm Fresh Onions”, is well kinda weird to me. Overall Its a pretty good CD, he is defiantly finding some new sounds. If your a REK fan, you probably already bought this one.

The second Party Never Ends is a mix of live and studio stuff. Its really nothing more than several of his best cuts on 1 CD, which makes it a nice road trip CD for sure.

And just to show my music diversity, a few weeks ago I picked up Violent J’s Wizard of the Hood. I don’t know what is about ICP and stuff from Psychopathic Records, but I like there music. Wizard of the Hood is a pretty trippy album that follow the Wizard of OZ in a very twisted way that only Violent J can deliver.