The Hugo Awards

The Hugo Awards:

Best Novel: Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge [Tor, 2006]

Great book just finished it up a few months ago. My first Vernor Vinge book, I’ve added others to my reading list after that book. I also noticed a few other things i read on the list.

Wizard – May 2004

About the only thing interesting to me was the “The Top 25 Greatest Comic Movie Moments of All Time”. I really don’t know if I’m going to continue to get Wizard anymore, I guess i’m not main stream enough.

This Weeks ChapterADay

101 Ways to Win Every Time In Any Situation
by Peter B. Stark and Jane Flaherty
So far its looking good, I’ll probably keep up with this book this week.

And the Search For Captain Kidd
by Barry Clifford with Paul Perry
Very cool true story thus far, I’ll be keeping up with this one this week also.

MacAddict – May 2004

Sub $100 Photo Printer – Epson Stylus Photo R200 – Not that I need another printer, but the direct to disc printing is what I want. Do they may a small disc printer? hmm..

Unlock iLife – Lots of good tips. iPhoto 4 – you can save a book as PDF instead of having it printed. Sharing photo albums across the network. This was good to know, i tried it last night. iMovie 4 – You can add bookmarks in a movie. There is a good how to remove unwnted sound, but you need the $99 Soundsoap (scanning article in). GeeThrees blue-screen plugin for iMovie looks cool. How to Correct Colors (scanning in). How to Add a commentary track (scanning in).

Review: IntelliScanner Collector – Something I want!
3 out of 5 stars
Summary: Good News: Quickest, funnest way to catalog your home library – if your into that.
Bad news – Software has limitations – sometimes can’t identify a product, sometimes freezes.

Review: Route USA 2004
1 out of 5. wow i haven’t had that much problem with mine, still about the best choice for OSX at them moment.

MacAddict – March 2004

Office Goes to 11 – Sneak Peek at MS Office 2004 – I never have been that excited about office, but there are some very cool things going on here. The Project Center looks cool. The Word notebook looks good, voice recorded in a doc, good. Scrapbook is a plus. Overall looks like a lot of thought has went into it.

hmm.. thats about all that interested me in this isssue.

Popular Science – April 2004

Popular Science – April 2004
House Of The Future – Personal Care Palace
Interesting article about how our bathrooms will become our personal care center in the future. Lots of cool things to look forward to. Serenity now

Are We Going To The Moon? – “Bush said Yes, or maybe he said mage. We assess the message”

Beyond Nasa: Dawn Of the next space age – “Burning with DIY ambitions entrepreneurs are launching rockets, planning, microgravity experiments, designing space hotels and elbowing government out of their way”

Display Your Digital Wonderland – “An LCD frame can show off your entire digital-photo library”

Tinkering with TiVo

Books from this week

Business Book of the week from
10 Easy Steps for Reaching Agreements on Even the Toughest Issues by Don Maruska
“In trying to resolve a challenging business issue, twenty people are likely to offer twenty (or more) different approaches. Rational discussion may eliminate some of the less viable choices. But what do you do when you reach the inevitable impasse where diametrically opposed opinions, voiced by passionate and intelligent professionals, block any chance of real progress?”

I skimmed this, I’m to far down in the food chain for it to actually help me, i don’t think I’ll need it anytime soon.

Non-Fiction Book of the week from
“In a small, desperately poor village in northeast China, a young peasant boy sits at his rickety old school desk, interested more in the birds outside than in Chairman Mao’s Red Book and the grand words it contains. But on this day, some strange men come to his school–Madame Mao’s cultural delegates. They are looking for young peasants to mold into faithful guards of Chairman Mao’s great vision for China.”

I skimmed this on also, not interesting for me, I won’t read it.

Some Books from Last Week

Business Book Club from Chapter A Day
The focus of the book is collaboration between business and non-profit. It didn’t really apply to much that I do so I only read the first chapter.

NonFiction Book Club from Chapter A Day
POISON A History and a Family Memoir by Gail Bell (nonfiction)
A book about some family history and a story about poison, fairly interesting read, but I don’t think I’ll purchase this book.