Z Bar & Grill in Flower Mound, TX

If your thinking about stopping in a the Z Bar & Grill in Flower Mound, TX for a quick one, save yourself the time. Kevin and I stopped in Friday night. The restraunt itself was almost empty and the bar had about 12-15 people and 2 bar tenders. We sat down on the end opposite of where the bar tenders were standing, facing them. They were pretty busy, playing a game of grab ass with each other. About 5 minutes passed and they still didn’t ask us for our order. So we got up and left, there wasn’t even a host or manager around to complain to. They get 0 Stars out of 5 from me.

Henningtons’ Texas Cafe – Waxahachie, TX

Henningtons’ Texas Cafe proudly displays the tag Texas Cuisine. So Friday a friend joined me for lunch there. I will start by saying that Texas is big, and Texas Cuisine covers a lot of different options for food. My hopes were high as I picked up the menu, then I was a little disappointed. The menu seemed to be mostly bar-b-que (which I do love) and a few other items. Thats OK I guess Its a small place, so I’m sure they keep the number of items down.

I choose the 2 meat combo plate, with sliced brisket and German sausage. When my plate arrived I had 2 slices of brisket and 5 slices of sausage, there was a small bowl (not really a bowl at all, then sauce cup) of cole slaw, one of potato salad, one of black beans and one with bar-b-que sauce. The presentation was great, but I thought the portions were extremely small for the $13 price.

On first observation, the sausage looked like standard smoke sausage. After taking the first bite, it tasted that way. I was expecting some good German hill country type sausage. The brisket was nice and tender, but lacked flavor. You can tell this was oven cooked not smoked on a pit, another disappointment for me. The bar-b-que sauce was OK, but didn’t taste like a homemade sauce that I would expect from a small place like this one. The cole slaw was really good, probably some of the best I’ve ever had. The potato salad was pretty good as well.

Overall it wasn’t that bad, but not what I was expecting or priced in a range I would expect. I’m sure I’ll go back and try the other menu items over time.

Mini Review: Deliman Grill

I remember a while back reading about the Deliman Grill over at Y’all Blog. Yesterday Kevin, Merrin and myself headed over. I had the Texas Tailpipe with Onion Rings, see it below. I’ll have to say it was pretty good, mybe not the best one I’ve ever had, but on the top of my list. I’m looking forward to heading there for a breakfast stubb soon. Oh and they have free Wi-fi.
Texas Tailpipe

Simply Fondue – Flower Mound, TX

We had reservations for 6:15 on Saturday night. We got our table as soon as we walked in the doors. For an appetizer we had the cheddar cheese fondue with bread and vegies. It was really good, the cheese was mild and flavorful thanks to the beer and garlic they added. For the main course I had the “Cajun” version. It was great and while it didn’t look like much food, it turned out to be plenty. The only complaint here (like always for me) is that there “andouille” was smoked sausage. For desert we had the chocolate peanut butter fondue. It was really good, especially with the bananas, so good we go more of the bananas. The staff was great also. Overall it was a great experience and I would go back in the future.

Susie’s Sweets, Flower Mound, Tx

After dinner last night Camille and I went to Susie’s Sweets, her new favorite place for chocolate. I decided to get some ice cream. Looking through the glass, i saw Red Hots ice cream, that’s right red hots the candy in ice cream. I had to try it. A double scoop later i decided that this is really good. I don’t know who came up with the idea but its a good one. I want some more. I give it 5 stars!

Review: TravelScan 464M

Last week I purchased a Travelscan 464M. I’ve really been wanting to get a paper scanner like this for my powerbook since the day I bought it. When this product was released a few months ago I booked Marked it and finally bought it.

I was able to find it for about $150. Why mention the price, because you would think something this small and that costs this much would be of a high quality. Well thats not always the case. I guess I should start of by saying that all my paper scanning opinions have been formed using a PaperPort Pro for the last 6 years. The 464M is nice and light, but I think its missing several features. For starters it doesn’t pull the paper through very well because the pull mechanizm is only on one side. This can be a problem with full sheets of paper. The second thing that I dislike about the design is that its straigh through feed only. This means that you must have a clear space behind it in order to scan. What I needs is a turn up on the back so the paper is returned out the top, like the PaperPort. Thirdly the lack of being able to auto detect when a paper is placed in it and automatically start the scan, means that its even more work for the user. All these features are available on the PaperPort, but that not OS X compatible. Finally, I think the motor in it is very weak. If you try to scan a document thats creased , think mail, if you don’t flatten it out first it will probably hang up, or create a smearing effect.

Now I should talk about the TWAIN driver that runs the 464M. A good or bad driver can really effect the way a piece of hardware works. My biggest complaint about the driver is that it doesn’t auto detect the size of the document scanning. You have to actually select a paper size. This isn’t that bad, but if you scanning things like receipts that don’t conform to any certain size you have to guess. The driver also can’t detect end of a page, so if you scan a 7″ paper on the 8″ setting you get a nice black larea. That leads me to my next complaint, it doesn’t auto straighten and crop the scans. For example if you scan a 3″x7″ receipt then you end up with lots of black space. You can then edit and crop it, but really I’m doing this to reduce work and help with orgainization and storage, not create more work.

The Mac software that ships with it is good if you do OCR, but thats all it does. I’m using some other software that I’ll point out later. I don’t need much OCR, i need a way to store copies of orginal documents.

Overall, this thing is on par with the companies lowest end paper scanners for windows, one of which I bought for $20. I’m not sure why you have to pay so much more for one that works with OS X, perhaps the driver development was the reason, but really $130 worth of different seems to high. I guess people like me that really want to use a scanner like this will pay for it, but I honestly hope that somebody will come along with a quality paper scanner for OS X in this price range. I give it 2 Stars.

Review: WorkingPapers X

After purchasing the 464M I stated looking at document managment solutions for OS X. They are few and far between. One of the ones I discovred is WorkingPapers X. There is very little on there website and searching the web I found little addional information. Luckily this $99 package has a demo, so you can at least try it before you buy it.

I scanned about 40 documents into the software to make sure I had a good feel for how things work. I have been using ScanSoft PaperPort for 6 years and compare to it alot. First off the menus are a bit confusing, I wanted to added categories to my collection. First you have to add them to preferences, then you have to import them to your collection. This seemed like extra steps. The preferences menu was also not like any that I’ve seen on modern OSX apps.

Scanning a document was straight forward, hit the scan button then feed the paper. Then you needed to save the document, this threw me off because I was epecting this to be automaticly done for you. Once you had the document saved, you then had to add it to the collection. I think that if you hit scan in a collection, then it should assume that you want the document there and to it automatically. That created 2 extra steps that I didn’t care for. So you want to switch from the document to the main screen, AppleKey+tildi, nope you have to click on it or choose the window. What a pain and a slow down.

Once I had the document scanned and in a collection, I wanted to add a category to it. So I highlighted the document and hit AppleKey+I, the standard, but nothing happened. I clicked in the area in the category column and that just opened up the document. Finally I found that you have to choose that from a menu and there is no hot key for it, just another slow down.

Once you have several documents in a collection there really isn’t a good way to organize them. I was hoping for something finder like with folders or tree veiw, but the best you can hope for is by title, date or Category.

Overall this looks like a first attempt program and has lots of room for improvement. For $99 I think I’m gonna steer clear of this one, maybe for $20 I wouldn’t mind the poor work flow in hopes that new better version are on the way. I give it 2 stars, and I’ll continue my search.

Fish City, Flower Mound, TX

Last night I had a sudden desire for some fish. So Camille and I head to the Fish City in Flower Mound.

It was full, even on a Tuesday Night, thats always a good sign. This was the second time that we have been here. Even with the crowd we didn’t have wait more than 5 minutes to get a spot.

We had the fried pickles for an appitizer, actually we only ate a quarter of the plate because there were so many. For the main course I had the Fish & Chips, a classic dish. It was so good. The fish was crisp and the batter was good, they served it with waffle fries that are slightly seasoned. I ended up only being able to eat half of this huge meal. I continue to be impressed with Fish City. I give this 5 Stars.

I should also mention that on the first Tuesday of every month that they donate 15% of the days proceeds to a different local charity. Yesterday it was for the Flower Mound SPCA.

PF Changs, Grapevine, TX

I’ve been to a few different Changs in the past, but this was the first trip to the one in Grapevine. It should be noted that they actually do take reservations, some of them don’t. I would also like to commend the P.F. Changes website for being very helpfull, you can even download the restraunt information staight into your PIM.

We arrived and the wait was long, about an hour or so, normal for a Changs on Saturday night. We stood in the bar area (its no smoking) for a while, on nice waitress noticed that our 2 wives were pregnant and brought a spare chair over.

After a the wait we enjoyed Chicken Lettuce Wraps and they were wonderful as always. For the main course I had the Sichuan From The Sea with scallops. It was nice and spicy, but not overly hot. Our server was great and we really enjoyed ourselves. I should add that this is the ONLY chinese place that my wife will willingly eat at. I give it 5 Stars.