Good Tech News

I found a couple of good tech news things that were nice to hear today.

U.S. House subcommittee approves spyware bill – “A U.S. House subcommittee has approved a spyware bill that would allow fines up to $3 million for collecting personal information, diverting browsers and delivering some pop-up advertisements to computer users without their consent.” I’m glad to see this, I hope it works.

20 Legislators Co-Sponsor Bill to Overturn DMCA Copy Protection Circumvention Provision“Representative Rick Boucher (D-Virginia), along with 19 other legislators, is sponsoring a bill that would overturn a provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that prohibits people from circumventing copy protection on digital media products, even for making a personal use copy. ” glad to see this also

Morning Tech Bits

Michael points to phpMyInventory, an opensource inventory package. From the description it seem good, I’ll be interesting to see how it works out for him. We really need to impliment something like that around here. I keep up with PC’s by serial number but thats it, not monitors or printers or other misc stuff that should really be tracked.

Pete has the W3C’s Validator running on OSX. I should really add that to my todo list for home computing as well.

HP Deskjet 5650 & NT 4.0

I don’t care what the HP site says but I have failed to get the HP Deskjet 5650 to work properly with NT 4.0. Sure 4.0 is old and I don’t care if they don’t support it, they should just not list it. This happened on more than 1 PC some I’m sure its a driver issue. It works fine on 2K up. Personally I think we should upgrade the few remaining NT4 workstations to 2K or XP anyway. Just a little help for the other IT guys out there.