X-Files 8th Season

X-Files 8th Season
“The X-Files” is returning for Season Eight. Gillian Anderson returns as Scully, while negotiations with co-star David Duchovny continue regarding his return for an additional season.

Man i was starting to get worried about this.

Scully Fans Watch TV

Scully Fans Watch TV For Charity Source: SciFiWire
Fans of The X-Files star Gillian Anderson are sponsoring viewing marathons in May to raise money and awareness for Neurofibromatosis Inc. and other groups that combat the debilitating disease. The Order of the Blessed Saint Scully Enigmatic and the Gillian Anderson Web Site are sponsoring the fund-raiser for the second year.

May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month, aimed at increasing the public’s knowledge of the genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on the nervous system. Anderson, whose brother has the disease, has given her blessing to the fans’ fund-raising effort.

The fans encourage X-Philes everywhere to sponsor a day watching “Scullycentric” X-Files episodes and donate the proceeds to NF Inc. or other NF charities. Fan organizations have also organized group viewings in cities around the world. Last year, fans raised more than $13,000.