Delicious Clean Up

I’ve been using delicious since way back when it was Pretty much as soon as I heard about it. For some reason today i decided to do a little clean up. I have thousands of bookmarks going back to the beginning of 2004.

Lots of these are dead or just not needed anymore. Like a link to a linux distro in 2004 really isn’t going to help me anymore. Its been interesting looking back and seeing what was interesting to me over the years. All this data is also stored in my lifestream so deleting them, really doesn’t take away from those memories at all.

After just an hour or so of my spare time i got this list down to 99 items. I’m just glad they have a bulk edit option.

Now the next challenge will be to go through these bookmarks and see if the original linked info still exists. If it does then this time if i still find it useful i’ll grab a copy for my offline copy as so many of these links will probably be dead. Well back to it!


I got an invite to ZenBe today. Not that I really need another email address but I’m playing around with it. Not sure if its my connection or Safari but I just borked it up some how trying to tag an email message. Also I sent an invite to it from gmail thinking it would add it to the calendar there, but that doesn’t work.

Zenbe : Welcome to Zenbe
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I got an invite to friendbinder tonight. It supports adding 7 networks at the moment. One cool thing is that it let’s you pick and choose which of your friends from which networks that you want to view. It even lets you link them together. But it doesn’t offer anyway to get this info out, like a client or rss feed. I know it’s in beta so things will change. The big difference from this and friend feed seems to be that the users you want to follow don’t have to have an account here. So basically it’s just aggregating information that is already there via RSS, same as my friends group in my RSS reader.

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Local Lifestream with GCalDaemon

I’ve been dreaming of lifestreaming for years. I’ve written various programs in perl and php and who know what else with and without database several times over. I really should have done something cool with it way back before it started popping up all over the place, but I didn’t. Anyway lately I’ve tried out several of the services out there, it seems like a new one every day or so. But what I’ve really wanted was a way to bring it all to my desk top, stored on my desktop for me to have forever I can guarantee that any particular service will be there for ever. So I’ve been looking for a solution and pulling out some old coding ideas. Then today it hit me, where I really want this data is in my calendar program, currently iCal. Then I can always flip back through the years or do a search. Then if any particular service that I use ever goes away, I still have my data.

Today I found the GCALDaemon Project. You can have it convert RSS to iCal format and subscribe to it. I set it up on my mac, super easy and started subscribing to my feeds from various services, I works like a champ. Super easy way to get your lifestream on your local box.