Osment on A.I.’s star cast

Osment on A.I.’s star cast
Haley Joel Osment will receive $2 million to star in A.I., the science fiction film to be written and directed by Steven Spielberg. On a more important note, A.I. is based on a treatment by the late Stanley Kubrick. Osment, who received an Oscar nomination for his “I see dead people” role in The Sixth Sense, will star in A.I. with fellow Oscar nominee Jude Law. Osment’s A.I. pay will be twice as much as the fee he received for co-starring with Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey in the upcoming Pay It Forward. Warner Bros. and DreamWorks are co-producing A.I. which will initiate production on July 10. Anticipate the film’s release on the summer of 2001.

Windows 98 memory tweak.. According

Windows 98 memory tweak..

According to some info I spotted over at NVARTech, Microsoft has posted some information concerning a memory usage fix for Windows98. If you run Win98 and have more then 64MB of RAM, put this in your SYSTEM.INI under the [386enh] section: “ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1” (without the quotes). Reboot, and you may find your system more responsive.